Easy to use Pedigree Maker

Easily create four-generation pedigree data for your breeding animals. Litters' Pedigrees are then available at a single click of a button.

Multiple Certificate Styles

Multiple pedigree certificate styles are available for you to choose from. Got a better design? Email it to us and we will look into whether we can include your design.

Available Litters Web Listing

Free weblink to display currently available litters on your existing website. Tailor this listing to match the style of your existing website.

Rewarded Referral Scheme

Refer your breeder friends and colleagues and be rewarded with free certificate credits when they sign up. Terms & conditions apply.

Web Content Management

We provide tools to integrate your website and manage your content from your EazyPedigree admin panel.

User Customisable Fields

Setup your own data fields on your breeeding animals and also on Kittens/Puppies to store data of your choice.



We charge ONE credit per pedigree certificate. Credits can be purchased in blocks of TEN for £10 GBP.

We give you ten FREE credits just for signing up.


We will be launching a templated website service, where you can upload banner images, select display colours, edit your own content, display your breeding animals and litters as well as customer testimonials all for a low monthly subscription charge.


Simple Table

A plain family tree table in a grid of progressively narrower cells from left to right.

Simple Table With Background Image

The simple table with a background image of the subject animal in the background.

Simple Table With Parent/Child Images

A simple table but with a photograph of the subject animal in the header and its parents in the left most-cells.

Rounded Individual Cells

Similar to the simple table but each cell is d3etached from all other cells and has rounded corners.

Rounded Cells With Background Image

As per the Round-edged cells table but with the subject animal's image as a background.

Rounded Cells With Parent/Child Images

As per the round-edged cell version but with an image of the subject animal in the header and its parents images in the left-most cells.


We can build you a bespoke website to your design specification. Click the banner to see a recent example of our work:

  • Your Chosen Design
  • Content Management Tools
  • Contact Form
  • Testimonials
  • Live available litters listing

We can work with you to create a bespoke website design that you can manage without needing any coding skills.

We can also replicate your existing website retro-fitting it to work with our content management tools.

If you have any queries, requests, or to ask us to call you back just drop us a message and we will get back to you.